Steps to Build Your Custom Home

Here's how to build your custom Stanton Home in five easy steps

1. Jump on the phone for five minutes.

Three big things impact build cost, even before you choose options - or find out "price per square foot."  

Action item: Call 919-278-8070. You'll find out fast what to focus on.


2. Arrange a get-together.

Find out what a real home for a real person costs - with five "need to know" criteria that can help you choose your plan.

Action item: Ask for a face-to-face no-cost consultation with a custom home expert. Thirty minutes can change everything you know.


3. Dive into the details.

Get together again and go over a full synopsis for the plan you want to build - materials, processes, costs - everything!

Action item: Save the date. Prepare to be excited.

4. Touch. Feel. See.

Gather your technical questions - and meet on site of a real home for real people with similarities to the home you want to build.

Action item: Take a tour of a custom home in progress, with an expert at your side. Try to come up with a question nobody else has asked!


5. Fit your floor plan to your lot

Get our builder's perspective, on site.

Action item: Schedule your Ground Breaking Ceremony. Wear your Stanton Homes hats!