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Smart Home technology FAQ.

Easily control your whole home with a touch of your smartphone, tablet, or computer - anywhere, anytime:

  • Door lock control.
  • Garage door control.
  • Lighting control.
  • Electronics control.
  • Thermostat control.
What is a Smart Home?

Smart Homes are equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.

Smart Home technology from Universal Remote Control, allowing you to connect with your home and loved ones in a whole new way.

What's included in a Stanton Homes Smart Home Package?
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  • One touch entertainment. Push a button and the  at screen turns on, the disc player  res up to your movie of choice, the surround sound comes to life and the lights go down to start the show.
  • Superior sound. Stream the same tune throughout the house
    or a different song in every room. Browse your iPod® by artist, cover art, song or genre.
  • Light up your life. Turn on, off and dim house lights, individually or all at once. Create room lighting scenes on demand, or that activate automatically, even when you’re not around. Delight in the perfect ambiance while conserving electricity.
  • Make it cool. Adjust the temperature on designer keypads, remotes or your iDevices from anywhere in the house. Control
    heating and cooling daily or seasonal schedules for greater comfort and to save money.
  • Green home, smart idea. Monitor home energy consumption even when you’re away. Easily set schedules for temperature and lights based on time of day or year, saving money and conserving energy.
How do I control my Smart Home?

One powerful mobile app puts control in your hands. You can turn your smart phone or tablet into an easy, friendly controller for all of your audio and video components and manage just about anything in the house - from across the yard or across the globe.

Can I change Smart Home features after I move in?

As your family needs change, it's easy to add features and rooms - you can even add control for entertainment and lighting outdoors.

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Stanton Homes' Smart Home technology package provides personalized convenience and comfort. Each Smart Home system is custom installed to suite your lifestyle, ready to grow as your family and your needs change - and as technology continues rolling forward.

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