Customer Reviews of Stanton Homes

Alicia and Brent P.

Home Plan: The Pearley

Where do I begin? We researched over 30 different Contractors/Builders in our area and surronding, but couldn't quite find what we were looking for as far as quality. That is until we came across Stanton Homes. We reached out to Stanton Homes, and ended up meeting with Jim Hunt. He was a pleasure to work with, and was always available. He went above and beyond to make sure we were beyond pleased. I found out with Stanton Homes if we can dream it they can build it! I told Jim exactly what I wanted and he came back with a Floor Plan/Specs that brought my dream to a reality. I also met with the owner Stan Williams at the project site, and he is great, and has put together a wonderful group of people.

Two Story Raleigh Home Exterior

Of all the other Builders I met with Stanton Homes was the most transparent, and I knew exactly what I was getting. One of the biggest perks was working with a Professional Designer Andrea Enns. She helped make all those hard choices, and made picking all my Selections so easy. The permitting went flawlessly thanks to Kelly McNabb, and living in Orange County I was a bit surprised that it was so easy. I imagine Kelly was the main reason we ran into 0 issues, because I have heard stories from friends and family who used other contractors in Orange County and ran in to delays and issues with permits.

Also, Nichelle Karim was the person that I usually dealt with when I called directly to Stanton Homes for some reason or another. She always addressed whatever it was I was calling about whether it be I changed my mind about a paint color or a question about a Selection. You get access to a program called BuilderTrend which gives you access to your home building process in the cloud which is great. I am usually a micro manager, but it wasn't necessary when working with these guys.

My Project Manager Phil Travars has played the largest role in the home building process. We are almost done, and ever single time I have called/texted Phil he always either immediately picks up the phone or gets right back with me. He is so knowledgeable, and allowed me to be as involved as much or as little as I wanted. For example he contacted me in regards to the layout of my closets and wanted to offer a walk through to let him know how I wanted it layed out. I told him it didn't matter, and to lay it out how ever he wanted. I went the next day and the closets were layed out perfect. I loved what they did, and could have never came up with the layout myself. Phil basically is so knowledgeable you never have to worry about anything. He is a great Project Manager, and I have enjoyed working with him. I call him to ask him a question about something, and he thoroughly explains and resolves all my issues. He always provides me with updates as far as what is going on. I walked into the new house a week ago, and the quality of work was beyond what I expected. Very pleased, and I can't wait to move in!!