Stanton Homes Customer Review

Jeffery and Alicia V.

Home Plan: The Arcadia

We chose Stanton Homes to build our dream house in December, 2014. We decided on Stanton after extensively researching multiple builders (and multiple types of builders) and we think we made the right choice!

First, on pre-sales, Stanton did something nobody else would - they provided us with numerous price estimates and evaluated multiple lots for us. They felt like a real partner before we even signed the contract, something that made us confident that we would be pleased with the results. After all, if you can't get cooperation on pre-sales, how are they going to perform when you've signed a contract?

Blue Home Exterior

The build process was long (longer than we would like, as is typical with a custom build) but we had specific requirements and Stanton met them all. We were engaged throughout the process since we were local. Phil, our project manager, fixed mistakes quickly. I'm sure he found many that we never saw but the ones we did catch were addressed without issue.

- Stanton had up front pricing and excellent presales. We knew what we were getting and how much it would cost.
- Throughout our build, I really thought Stanton cared a lot about the end product. As we were walking through several stages of the build process, Phil and the rest of the team proactively made suggestions (and after approval) changes despite what the spec said, simply because they thought it would work better.
- We had multiple custom requests, many of which were inspired by a picture on Houzz! We would show them a picture, say we want something like (or exactly like) this, and they would order custom components and do custom builds just for us. All of this was done with up front pricing so we could make informed decisions.
- Stanton was super flexible, allowing us to paint, buy our own fixtures, or bring our own contractors on site. We simply had to coordinate with them.
- Andrea, our interior designer, was an awesome advisor. She learned our style and actively made suggestions (and made sure we didn't make any mistakes!) to help us through the numerous decisions to be made. We could not have done this without her!

The cons list is short and I think apply to nearly all builders. I've spoken to many people who have had a custom home built and all have the same issues - we were no different.
- Communication - Stanton uses BuilderTrend which is not a bad product. However, the calendar was frequently out of date, leaving us in the dark. Coordinating meeting times was a bit difficult.
- Build time - Our home took quite a while to build and our move in date was pushed back multiple times. This was pretty inconvenient for us, even leaving us "homeless" for a period, but is not unusual for a custom home.

Overall, waiting for our home was the worst part of the process and is unavoidable. We're loving our new home and would wholeheartedly recommend Stanton.