Customer Reviews of Stanton Homes

Vipul and Aparna M.

Home Plan: The Statesman

We are pleased to write the strongest possible review of Stanton Homes and the team that build our beautiful, custom home in the historic Hope Valley in Durham NC.

Through lifetime of relocations, we had owned six homes previously and had an experience of building a custom home in Kentucky. Thus, as we set out to build our retirement home where we plan to “age in place”, we began our search for a custom homebuilder. Our criteria were to select a local builder, rather than a national company, for the following reasons.

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(a) We wanted the builder to create a unique home for us and not force us to select from 6-8 cookie-cutter designs. (b) We wanted a builder to respect the beauty of North Carolina and not bull doze acres of land to build 50-100 homes from which to select one. (c) We wanted a builder who lived in the area, rather than “build and move away”. Only then, a long-term guarantee would be honored and would mean something. (d) We wanted a builder who is affordable.

After meeting with two national builders and 3 local builders, we selected Stanton Homes, 800 W Williams St, Apex, NC 27502.

My wife and I are extremely pleased with our overall Stanton Homes experience, and highly recommend them to anyone who would like a beautiful custom home. The Stanton Home team really personalizes the details and everyone on their team is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Jim, the Sales Person, went out of his way to meet us several times to design the perfect floor plan for our family. Since we lived in Texas at the time of design and selection of key features, our conversations had to occur during short trips to NC, by telephone and a remote virtual meeting system (GoToMeeting). He was very good in accommodating our meeting requests and even came to the airport once to review a design. We were able to put together a design that combined features of two different models so that we would have all of our living on the main floor and yet, be able to host our children, grand children and guests over the years. Jim listens well, understands client’s needs, and is creative in meeting those needs.

Andrea, the Interior Design and Decorations Expert, went out of the way to meet with us multiple times, at locations of various suppliers and in model homes. We have “expensive” taste but as retired persons, constraints on resources. We wanted to select the highest quality material at the lowest prices; a tall order for the staff assigned to assist in selections. She helped us in making selections for everything from colors, granite, tiles, hard wood floor, doors, light and plumbing fixtures. She designed our niches for displaying our artwork. She helped us avoid several mistakes. She is truly gifted with artistic talents and used them for our benefit.

The most valuable player (MVP) in the construction team is of course, Phil, the Project Manager. From the very beginning, he told us that he would meet with us as often as we need him at the site. He was always available to answer our questions and met us on a regular basis on site to discuss any issues that we found. Since we had partially retired, we could be at the site 2-3 times a week and prepared a long list of questions for him. Being compulsive, we prepared such check lists each time we met him. We texted and emailed him with follow-up questions. We didn't really need to be on site this frequently and some of our questions were premature in that they would have been solved over time. In responding to such questions, Phil was very patient, polite and kind. He took the time to explain to us how each issue will be addressed.

The in-house construction team of Stanton Home is excellent. It includes Spencer, who has multiple skills such as carpentry and electrical work. He is a wonderful person and a family man. Others on the team are Darwin, Edgar and Charles. They are all very polite, nice people and take care of many items such as construction of custom features such as the flare on the staircase and even cleaning up.

Kelly and Nichelle helped in keeping track of selected items on their software system, prices and accounts and were always responsive to our questions.

Stan Williams, the owner, is very knowledgeable and made sure that we understood the overall building process. Before we even made the decision to use Stanton Homes, Stan and Jim came out to several lots under consideration to determine if our dream home could be build on selected sites. Many other construction companies did not offer such services and certainly did not respond to such requests in a timely manner. Stan joined Phil in all key phases of construction; e.g. foundation work, selection of the driveway, framing, selection of energy saving features such as spray foam insulation, and multiple walk through meetings as the house was being completed. He made us feel comfortable about warranties from his company and from subcontractors. He has offered warranties of longer duration than the industry standards. While we hope to not have too many occasions to use the warranties, it is comforting to know that he will be around to support us during future years if problems arise.

Building a house is an arduous, anxiety provoking process, requiring attention to thousands of details. Patience and persistence on part of the client yield handsome dividends but the client needs a reputed trustworthy builder and a cohesive, skillful team. Stanton Home provides such a team. We strongly recommend Stanton Home as a custom homebuilder in the research triangle area of North Carolina.