Stanton Homes Client Review

Tiffany D.

Home Plan: The Brogan

I wanted to take an opportunity to write a glowing reference letter on behalf of Stanton Homes, Inc. My husband and I just underwent a 6 month process to build a custom family home.

We met with many custom building outfits, and chose to go with Stanton Homes because of the personalized attention and genuine commitment we received from the very first meeting with them.

I am happy to report, many months later, that we were not disappointed...that personal touch and level of service was consistent throughout every step of the process, from researching and purchasing land, to construction and financing, to finishing touches and punch list completion.


The team at Stanton Homes made us feel like our biggest life investment was a top priority for them. They returned phone calls immediately, they drove to meet me for various selection appointments, they accommodated my schedule and childcare restrictions with meetings at coffee shops or my home, and they researched EVERY inquire I made with regards to vendors, pricing, upgrade options, and timelines.

I can honestly say that the custom home building process (which most people believe to be a nightmare) wastruly an all around great experience with the team at Stanton Homes.

A particular scenario I'd like to share revolves around a meeting that I had with a member of the team where my 3 year old son was present. The builder we met with noticed that my son was taking an interest in "construction and tools." A day after the meeting, he phoned me to say that the Stanton Homes Team would love to include the "little guy" in the process and that they would be happy to host a "groundbreaking ceremony" to let him dig the first hole! A few weeks later (on a Sunday afternoon, no less), my son was in the bobcat with the President of the company, pressing the controls as we broke ground, and a giant smile plastered across his face. The whole Stanton Homes team was present, taking photos and cheering him on. They created an "event" out of the day that we will always remember.

I have recommended them to numerous clients and friends of mine, and have shared with many realtors my positive feedback in working with this group.

In addition to the great service, they turned out a quality home and great product. We set out to build a green-certified/energy efficient home, and with their expertise and suggestions, we achieved a bronze-level rating from the Green Home Association.

Because they took the time to talk with us about our daily routines and lifestyles, we were able to invest in upgrades and green features that made the most sense. We now have a house that is designed for our family's needs, is better for the environment, and had enough personalized style to feel like a home! Our thanks go out to the Stanton Homes Team for helping make our dream become a reality!