Reviews for Stanton Homes

Katie W.

My husband and I knew that we wanted to build a home that was uniquely ours and found Stanton through extensive research of local custom builders.

After meeting with Stan and his team on multiple occasions and visiting one of their spec homes, we knew that they were the perfect match to build our custom home.

From the moment we signed the contract up through the final walk-through and post-move in, the team went above and beyond to make our dream home a reality and the process along the way as smooth as possible.

Having witnessed every stage of the construction and living in the house for some weeks now, we can attest that the quality of our home is absolutely stellar. Read more...

Multigenerational New Homes

Jenny D.
Home Plan: The Dickerson

I cannot say enough great things about this team. My husband and I were nervous about taking on a project so large, and from the very beginning everyone at Stanton made themselves available for our every question. Day 1 brought their entire team around the table (literally) and from that first meeting we knew they were the builder for us! Read more...

Glenda J.
Home Plan: The Hopkins

We thought back and forth about building or buying a move-in ready home. Seeing the results now, we believe we made the right decision. Thanks to the talented team Stanton homes put together. They made our experience in building our dream house enjoyable, fun and exciting. During the planning process, they are very open to our ideas and have put together the things that are important to us. Read more...

Philip E.
Home Plan: The Cotswold B

The home buying (or building) process can be extremely stressful. Making the decision to buy an existing home versus building is tough. After spending time looking at local houses on the market and researching local builders; my wife and I chose to go with Stanton Homes. Read more...

Theresa M.
Home Plan: The Liberty

We interviewed a number of builders and decided on Stanton Homes out of Apex NC to build our forever home. And we believe we made the right choice. We lived in another state and had to do a lot of the design and other work over the Internet and with as few visits as possible to NC. They worked with us for almost a year to fine tune the home design as the house was to be 100% handicap accessible, include 2 master suites on the first floor, and fit on our narrow lot. There was a lot of back and forth with suggestions and multiple changes. We had some very strong opinions on certain things and Stanton Homes worked with us to accommodate everything we wanted that fit into our budget.

Vipul and Aparna M.
Home Plan: The Statesman

We are pleased to write the strongest possible review of Stanton Homes and the team that build our beautiful, custom home in the historic Hope Valley in Durham NC.

Through lifetime of relocations, we had owned six homes previously and had an experience of building a custom home in Kentucky. Thus, as we set out to build our retirement home where we plan to “age in place”, we began our search for a custom homebuilder. Our criteria were to select a local builder, rather than a national company, for the following reasons.

(a) We wanted the builder to create a unique home for us and not force us to select from 6-8 cookie-cutter designs.
(b) We wanted a builder to respect the beauty of North Carolina and not bull doze acres of land to build 50-100 homes from which to select one.
(c) We wanted a builder who lived in the area, rather than “build and move away”. Only then, a long-term guarantee would be honored and would mean something.
(d) We wanted a builder who is affordable. After meeting with two national builders and 3 local builders, we selected Stanton Homes, 800 W Williams St, Apex, NC 27502. Read more...

Christine and Sebastien C.
Home Plan: The Coquery Cottage

We have had the great pleasure of working with Stanton Homes to build our first fully-custom home and it has been a wonderful experience.

Working directly with Stan Williams to create the perfect design was an amazing process as we felt he truly listened to what we wanted and had excellent suggestions for how to optimize space given our desire to have a ranch-style home as well well as maintain us within our budget. Read more...

Jeffery and Alicia V.
Home Plan: The Arcadia

We chose Stanton Homes to build our dream house in December, 2014. We decided on Stanton after extensively researching multiple builders (and multiple types of builders) and we think we made the right choice!

First, on pre-sales, Stanton did something nobody else would - they provided us with numerous price estimates and evaluated multiple lots for us. They felt like a real partner before we even signed the contract, something that made us confident that we would be pleased with the results. After all, if you can't get cooperation on pre-sales, how are they going to perform when you've signed a contract? Read more...

Ira H.
Home Plan: The Dunston

We started our custom home builder search over a year and half ago. My husband recently retired from the military and we were ready to settle down and build on his family land. We looked at several builders in the Raleigh/Durham area for approximately six months before we found the right fit with Stanton Homes “Homes for Heroes Program.” Read more...

Maureen H.
Home Plan: The Woodland Retreat

Stanton Homes has a solid reputation for delivering an excellent product. Stan Williams was attentive to all our questions and concerns, even meeting us several times at the job site for consultations. We found Stan to be honest and straight forward, following through on all his promises.  Read more...

Rod and Malica E.
Home Plan: The Remington

My wife and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support, advice, guidance and professional acumen of Andrew and Andrea. They have made a dream of ours become a reality. Their kind and understanding approach really helped my wife and I make those difficult decisions much easier.

Their quick response to questions and concerns made what could have easily become a stressful and exhausting process, really fun and exciting! Andrea's unique creativity and Andrews amazing ability to design on the fly is unparalleled! Thanks to your "Dream Team" our experience has been nothing but positive. Read more...

Lindsay and Matt P.
Home Plan: The Saddleridge

I want to start off by saying that the team at Stanton Homes is truly committed to building high quality custom homes. They finished our project in January of this year (2016) and helped us navigate the complex process that building a custom home can be, making every step of the way as clear and non stressful as possible. The entire team was beyond accommodating throughout our build and we could not be happier with the finished product, a truly beautiful home that we can raise our family in. Read more...

Alicia and Brent P.
Home Plan: The Pearley

Where do I begin? We researched over 30 different Contractors/Builders in our area and surrounding, but couldn't quite find what we were looking for as far as quality. That is until we came across Stanton Homes. We reached out to Stanton Homes, and ended up meeting with Jim Hunt. He was a pleasure to work with, and was always available. He went above and beyond to make sure we were beyond pleased. I found out with Stanton Homes if we can dream it they can build it! I told Jim exactly what I wanted and he came back with a Floor Plan/Specs that brought my dream to a reality. I also met with the owner Stan Williams at the project site, and he is great, and has put together a wonderful group of people. Read more...

Dave and Cathy M.
Home Plan: The McCoy

I highly recommend Stanton Builders. The team at Stanton made the process of building a new home very comfortable, despite the inherent stress of the building process.   Read more...

Yogi and Amisha P.
Home Plan: The Serengeti

I want to give a high recommendation for Stanton Homes! They have great team there that really cares about about what they do.

Stan the Builder is smart and knows a lot about the industry.   Read more...

David and Susan M.
Home Plan: The Low Country Farmhouse

Stanton Homes built our custom home in Louisburg and did an outstanding job for us. They are very customer focused and always listened to our issues, needs and wants.  Read more...

Brittany B.
Home Plan: The Dinsmore B

Stanton Homes is amazing. Their team is incredible, our home is wonderful - we highly recommend them to everyone who wants a truly custom home. They were helpful right from the start, even before we signed a contract. The Builder: We interacted quite a bit with Stan and found him to be tremendously knowledgeable - it was easy to see why he was chosen as one of the top builders in the country. Read more...

Mike and Marsha R.
Home Plan: The Rossi

Our experience with Stanton Homes has been a very positive one, and we are pleased with our custom-built home.Our journey with Stanton Homes began with a simple phone call to inquire about the possibilities of building our retirement home in the Triangle area. Read more...

Sam and Elizabeth S.
Home Plan: The Sawyer

We picked Stanton Homes to build our new custom home for many reasons: they were very responsive during our initial search process, they provided ideas for land opportunities (including walking the lots with us), they use web-based project tracking software that provides a tentative schedule and selection information, and were also recommended by friends. Read more...

Daniel and Christina W.
Home Plan: The Christina

The overall construction process went very well. Stanton Homes builds an excellent quality home. We are more than pleased with the outcome of our home (check our floor plan out on their website- it is called “The Christina”). They offer very competitive prices because we were initially slated to build with Shumachers but changed our minds after we received a very competitive quote from Stanton Homes. Stan (the owner) has put together a group of people that care about the quality of the home they build. I would like to mention that it took us about a year to find land to build but Stanton Homes honored there initial quote even after a year (which is technically only a 60 day quote). This spoke volumes about their character to ensure that we were building the most affordable home possible. Read more...

Pete and Teresa W.
Home Plan: The Treehouse

When we began the process, we had just lost out on a contingent contract we had previously to purchase a home in a subdivision (we could not go forward with the contract because we weren't able to sell our previous home quickly enough). I can say we are certainly glad that happened! We started looking into the idea of buying a lot and building our own plan on it, because we weren't happy with the floorplans available in homes for sale in the areas where we were looking. So we had basically no experience or knowledge about custom building, or about purchasing a lot, choosing a design / floorplan, etc., at the time when we first met Jim and Stan. Read more...

Susan W.
Home Plan: The Susan

Stanton Homes built our first custom home. The entire staff was extremely helpful, kind, and professional throughout the build. They were patient with our many, many questions and made sure that we were satisfied with each step of the process. Andrea's design experience is amazing and she helped guide us through the selections best for our tastes and style. Phil was the best! He could not have been more kind, prompt, professional, conscientious, and organized. Read more...

Greg S.
Home Plan: The Sunnyside Farmhouse

My wife and I have been living in our custom designed / custom built Stanton home for 3 months and we continue to find ways to love it. Stan Williams (Owner) took the time to understand our needs & wants to design our home. We wanted a wheelchair accessible home with lots of natural light and we got that, under our budget, thanks to the Stanton Homes® for Heroes program. Read more...

Dianne W.
Home Plan: The Cove

I write this letter to express my gratitude for the extraordinary workmanship Stanton Homes put into building my dream home.
Stan your highly skilled craftsmanship is expressed entirely throughout the home.  My land was extremely challenging, however God installed in you a way to overcome the obstacles necessary to produce a magnificent product.  I can’t thank you enough for being there for me, and returning my phone calls.  It was your kindness, trustworthiness and great support that got me through the tough times.   I can’t thank you enough. Read more...

Andrew B.
Home Plan: The Bryson

My wife and I are extremely pleased with our entire Stanton Homes experience, and highly recommend this custom builder to anyone who would like a beautiful custom home at a reasonable price, designed and built by incredibly talented people who care about all the details. Over the seven months it took to construct our home, we really got to know quite a few members of the team, and everyone was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Read more...

Kelly P.
Home Plan: The Paige

It's hard to believe that we've been in the house for almost two years! Where does the time go... Wenever July/August rolls around we think about ya'all and all the help you gave us while building our dream home. Our lives have changed SO much over the past two years. We've made small changes and have big plans for the future of this home. Read more...

Anita D.
Home Plan: The Amazing Grace

It has been a great pleasure and wonderful treasure working with all of you and you all have contributed to building me such a beautiful home from the floor plans to the finished product. I can't explain what it meant to see my floor plan and even all my selections come together and come to life. I will never forget this experience and I am sure you all will never forget me :-). Stanton Homes has a great solid team and your homes reflect this. I would happily recommend you to anyone. Read more...

Tiffany D.
Home Plan: The Brogan

I wanted to take an opportunity to write a glowing reference letter on behalf of Stanton Homes, Inc. My husband and I just underwent a 6 month process to build a custom family home. We met with many custom building outfits, and chose to go with Stanton Homes because of the personalized attention and genuine commitment we received from the very first meeting with them. Read more...

Tom P.
Home Plan: The Country Manor

Andrea Enns was part of the professional design team that was instrumental in developing our simple line plans into the unusual and spectacular house where we now live. Andrea worked hard to make the chore of selecting colors and fixtures for our home as painless as possible. We lived five hours away in Maryland while the house was being built, so Andrea had to organize meetings with suppliers to make the selection as efficient as possible. Andrea constantly searched for design features in other homes that she felt would work for our new house and used e-mail to keep us informed of her findings. Read more...

Keri and Matt C.
Home Plan: The Carwile

We just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for helping us with the house--we love it! We have gotten so many compliments and I've realized so many of the ideas came from you, not us. You steered us in the right direction in so many ways. Read more...

Dwight P.
Home Plan: The Peay

Shirley and I are very satisfied with the house that Stanton Homes provided and to a very large part you made happen. I would think it is one more house you have a since of pride in seeing completed. Read more...

Ron J.
Home Plan: The Sherri

I think the world of Stanton Homes, starting with Jim Hunt and continuing with your project manager and everyone else! We just want to say Thanks to everyone for such a BEAUTIFUL HOME BUILT BY STANTON HOMES. Read more...

Richards J.

We spent the last three weeks exploring an opportunity to relocate to the Raleigh, NC area. One of our first contacts was Lara at Stanton Homes. She responded to an email inquiry almost immediately and then met us at a new homesite that same day! The time we spent with her and the time she spent researching and corresponding with us was invaluable in helping us explore the opportunity and feasibility of a move. I cannot say enough about her commitment to us as clients! If we had been working with her on our first build here in Ohio, we would not have made some of the mistakes we made in that process. She educated us on the build process in a way that will assist us in any future home-building or home-buying experience!

Tustin U.

My name is Tustin Ulrich and I Live in Joplin MO. I wanted to let you know that your company aided me in the building of my new custom home so much! My wife and I had found this floorplan on and decided this was the one for us! So we began our process and started working with our builder. In early December we were a couple of weeks away from starting when I googled Custom Home Building Blog and your website came up. I began to look at your houses that you have built when i stumbled upon the exact house we were building!! The video walk thru was invaluable in helping us with our house. We changed nearly 8 things on our floorplan that week.

Shawn S.

They were very friendly and easy to talk to. They gave us an estimate for what we wanted when they said they would. We previously spoke to another builder who promised us a quote in three weeks and never delivered. The folks at Stanton gave us our quote in under a week. When we are ready, we will definitely contact Stanton Homes.


I have personally witnessed them going out of their way to make customers happy and comfortable in their new homes. Project managers are on top of each and every project, and the office personnel are very pleasant to deal with.

Carolina Custom Kitchen and Bath

I highly recommend Stanton Homes as a professional in the field and as a customer. They do great work, customer service, communication and very professional and easy to work with. We value our working relationship with Stanton and look forward to continuing working together.

Building a New Home with Stanton Homes

Letter of Recommendation - Custom Home

At Stanton Homes, we're proud to partner with you in building much more than a house - we're working together with you and your family to build a lifetime of memories.

Here's how one family we've worked with recently explains it:

"To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to take an opportunity to write a glowing reference letter on behalf of Stanton Homes, Inc. My husband and I just underwent a 6 month process to build a custom family home. We met with many custom building outfits, and chose to go with Stanton Homes because of the personalized attention and genuine commitment we received from the very first meeting with them. I am happy to report, many months later, that we were not disappointed...that personal touch and level of service was consistent throughout every step of the process, from researching and purchasing land, to construction and financing, to finishing touches and punch list completion.

The team at Stanton Homes made us feel like our biggest life investment was a top priority for them. They returned phone calls immediately, they drove to meet me for various selection appointments, they accommodated my schedule and childcare restrictions with meetings at coffee shops or my home, and they researched EVERY inquiry I made with regards to vendors, pricing, upgrade options, and timelines.


I can honestly say that the custom home building process (which most people believe to be a nightmare) was truly an all around great experience with the team at Stanton Homes.

A particular scenario I'd like to share revolves around a meeting that I had with a member of the team where my 3 year old son was present. The builder we met with noticed that my son was taking an interest in ‘construction and tools.' A day after the meeting, he phoned me to say that the Stanton Homes Team would love to include the ‘little guy' in the process and that they would be happy to host a ‘groundbreaking ceremony' to let him dig the first hole! A few weeks later (on a Sunday afternoon, no less), my son was in the bobcat with the President of the company, pressing the controls as we broke ground, and a giant smile plastered across his face. The whole Stanton Homes team was present, taking photos and cheering him on. They created an ‘event' out of a day that we will always remember.

I have recommended them to numerous clients and friends of mine, and have shared with many realtors my positive feedback in working with this group.

In addition to the great service, they turned out a quality home and great product. We set out to build a green-certified/energy efficient home, and with their expertise and suggestions, we achieved a bronze-level rating from the Green Homes Association. Because they took the time to talk to us about our daily routines and lifestyles, we were able to invest in upgrades and green features that made the most sense. We now have a house that is designed for our family's needs, is better for the environment, and has enough personalized style to feel like a home! Our thanks go out to the Stanton Homes Team for helping make our dream become a reality!"

It's stories like these that make Stanton Homes a company we're proud of, each and every day.

Contact us for additional letters of recommendation and references - and we look forward to being able to share your custom home story soon.