Here’s how far the certification of an ecoSelect takes your energy savings, on the national HERS Index:


It takes a lot to earn the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) designation held by ecoSelect certification: There are only six programs in the nation that qualify.

The confidence of knowing your home is healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient than standard code-built and existing homes is clear on the HERS index above.

Extra measures are taken at every step of your new home’s design and construction to earn ecoSelect certification, with a higher level of indoor air quality, energy efficiency and water efficiency.

A series of comprehensive on-site inspections and tests are conducted by an independent certification professional throughout the building process, to ensure compliance.

You’ll see and feel the results, through increased comfort and energy savings that come with the peace of mind that your Stanton Home is designed and built with a certified ecoSelect system.

Contact the experts at Stanton Homes to design and build your ecoSelect energy saving system.


Please Note: ecoSelect and the related logo is owned by Southern Energy Management, Inc. (SEM) and is used with permission. Some exclusions may apply – Value homes not included.