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What Is Universal Design?

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Universal design is "people centered" design. An easy living universal design home incorporates a variety of concepts that make a difference in how the home is designed and used.

Universal design is NOT accessible design, though it can make a home more accessible.

What is Universal Design - Easy Living Homes Raleigh - 55+ Homes RaleighWhat is universal design - Preventative Design

A preventative design can reduce accidental injuries, by removing barriers.

No step doorways and walkways, open floor plans, and even decorative support bars in baths and showers can help prevent devastating injuries.

What is universal design - Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design can reduce stress to the eyes, back, and joints.

A section of kitchen countertop that's lower can allow for the cook to cut and mix while seated instead of standing. Pull out shelves in cabinets can reduce the need for bending and crouching. Even the color pallette can be carefully planned to reduce stress on the eyes. Ergonomic design increases comfort and convenience.

We've been using the wheel and the lever since they were invented. Universal design brings more levers into the home - lever faucets are easier to use, as are lever door knobs. A wheel-friendly environment lets the twin's stroller roll easily just as much as any mobility device.

What is Universal Design - Easy Living Homes Raleigh - 55+ Homes Raleigh

What is universal design - Work Efficiency Design

Work efficient design takes a good, hard look at kitchen and bath layouts too. How many steps does it take to accomplish daily tasks? What tools can be added to increase efficiency? Are some tasks accomplished more easily while seated?

What is universal design - Inclusive Design

An inclusive design welcomes ALL friends and family to the home, regardless of ability and situation. Universal Design takes into consideration how people vary in vision, hearing, strength, size, stamina, coordination, fragility, mobility, flexibility, and use of medical, mobility or adaptive devices.

A universal design home includes many different features that make living, and visiting, easy for everyone.

What is universal design - Life Span Design

Abilities change over time. A life span design accomodates not only the grandchildren, but also parents and grandparents. Universal design addresses lifestyle changes due to aging, injuries, low vision, breathing difficulties, and chronic health conditions. A life span design encourages community participation and helps keep families together.

Universal Design meets the needs of the present and the future.

Consider universal design concepts for your next home - universal design is most cost efficient and effective when incorporated directly into your new home.

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