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Tub Enclosure Tile Ideas

Custom Tile Photos and Designs for the Bathroom

Whether you're remodeling or building a new custom home, a custom tile shower/tub combination can make a big difference in your guest or master bath. Custom tile treatments can be cost effective, or well worth the splurge.

A tub/shower combination can really get dressed up with a full tile surround. Here are some photos and ideas for your custom tile bathroom.

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Tub Enclosure Tile Idea - Going Small

Most tub enclosures are planned with 12"x12" tiles. A 6" tile is much more labor intensive. There are four tiles to carefully place and space for each 12" tile that would normally be used.

6" tiles are also more costly per square foot. But this custom tile look for the tub enclosure can be well worth it, especially when combined with a decorative edging (bullnose) and accent piece (listello).

A dark tile with a light grout can draw the eye - and if the rest of the room is light, the bath won't feel overdone.

Tub Enclosure Tile Idea - Metallic Accent Bathroom Tile Design | Custom Tile Ideas | Tub Shower Tile Photos | Custom Homes Raleigh NC

If you're going to spend a little extra on just one feature, consider upgrading the accent detail. A standard 12" tile can really "wow" with the right accent.

A typical tub enclosure requires about 12 linear feet of accent, if an accent is desired.

Accent pieces can run anywhere from about $2/ln ft for a mini mosaic to $15/ln ft or well above for a multi-toned piece with inlaid metallics.

Twelve linear feet at $15/ln ft means a total of about $180 for a big wow factor.

The choice of grout color can really reflect your personality - from blended tones to deep contrasts.

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Tub Enclosure Tile Idea - Double Listello Accent

Here's another cost effective idea that can really impress.

Use a standard 12" tile, but add two separate borders, one at eye height and one 6-12" from the base.

The accent border consists of a mini-mosaic, cut from a "sheet". These sheets typically cost in the $15-$30 range, but include 16-18 "rows" of mini tiles.

Thus one sheet can cover 9 linear feet for a row of mosaics 2 pieces in height.

Mosaics are most commonly glass, natural stone, or ceramic.

The tub enclosure tile surround seen here will take between two and three sheets of mosaics, plus a little extra labor - not a bad investment for a fabulous look.

And the checkerboard pattern on the floor is a great touch too.

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Tub Enclosure Tile Idea - Triple Listello Accent

This custom home master bathroom uses three different listello accent row locations:

- a single row just below the tub surround base

- a double row along the built-in tub seat

- a single row above the built-in bench, on all three sides surrounding the tub

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Tub Enclosure Tile Ideas - Inset Medallions or Accents

An inset medallion or accent can be very labor intensive. The center of the tile must be carefully cut out in exactly the same location of each tile.

Some tile lines do offer "premade" tiles with these types of insets, but they can get a little pricey.

But even a few of these types of tile details can be impressive, and a built in recess can be a great feature too.

If you're considering a recess, talk to your builder at framing stage so that the recess can be framed in.

Designing Your New Lifestyle - Your New Home in Raleigh NC

Above all, it's your new home. The place where you'll come home every night, invite your friends, play, do homework, and LIVE.

Gather ideas, then talk to your builder about how to best fit those ideas inside your budget. Want to get started?

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*Photos represent a variety of interior trends from multiple builders and new homes.


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