Custom Home Builder Reviews

Glenda J.

Home Plan: The Hopkins

We thought back and forth about building or buying a move-in ready home. Seeing the results now, we believe we made the right decision. Thanks to the talented team Stanton homes put together. They made our experience in building our dream house enjoyable, fun and exciting. During the planning process, they are very open to our ideas and have put together the things that are important to us like our 3 season porch with an "outdoor kitchen". I love to cook and definitely I don't want to make the inside of my home smelly, so this 3 season porch kitchen is definitely on the top of my list.

Multigenerational New Homes

Phil Travars, our project manager, has done a phenomenal job. He's very organized, knowledgeable yet humble. During the building process, we had so many questions and change requests. Phil was patient enough to answer all our questions and make feasible changes to our plans.

Andrea helped us so much in our selections, which was quite overwhelming. She is extremely patient and full of ideas. We have mostly relied on her in selecting the designs and color combinations of the house. I love how she managed to mix and match the paint, stains, bricks and lighting.

We are also very thankful to Kelly who has kept the project moving by getting permits on time. Also, thanks to Spencer for looking into the final details of the house. We are now nearing the completion of our house and we are so pleased with the results we are seeing. Stanton home team, thank you for making our dream home a reality. Such a talented group!