Stanton Homes Client Reviews

Pete W.

Home Plan: The Treehouse

When we began the process, we had just lost out on a contingent contract we had previously to purchase a home in a subdivision (we could not go forward with the contract because we weren't able to sell our previous home quickly enough).

I can say we are certainly glad that happened! We started looking into the idea of buying a lot and building our own plan on it, because we weren't happy with the floorplans available in homes for sale in the areas where we were looking.

So we had basically no experience or knowledge about custom building, or about purchasing a lot, choosing a design / floorplan, etc., at the time when we first met Jim and Stan.

During the process of searching for lots, choosing a floorplan, etc., at times this was a challenging process, because we learned that there may be different designs / floorplans which would be more appropriate depending on the characteristics of the lot (in our case, we had originally chosen a design based on a flat lot, but then had to adjust, once we had finally chosen a lot that sloped down from front to back).

Mountain Home Plans
Mountain Home Plan

Jim and Stan offered us a lot of critical help during this period, to help us get to the point where we had a design that seemed like a good fit for our lot. Quite honestly, we did speak with a few other builders during this period, but none of the others that we met with took the same amount of time and care to work with us about our specific situation as Stanton Homes did; also we felt very much that, when Jim and Stan would talk to us about the prices / costs for different options that were available, the figures and the advice that they gave us during this process seemed entirely reasonable and based on the practicalities and specifics of whatever it was we were discussing.

This gave us a sense of trust and confidence with them that was very important, as we were dealing with many complicated decisions, and trying to make the best choices possible given our goals and budget. I think that was probably the main reason we decided to work with them, and in our experience, that same level of care and concern about our specific needs also carried through the rest of the building process.

The plan we chose was one that we found on the website, although which we modified slightly based on our discussions with Jim, Stan, Andrew, and Andrea.

The plan we chose has a few somewhat unique features (there is a lot of glass / quite a large # of windows, and there are a few odd angles in the design).

We found that, during the process of working with the plan, Stan was able to make a few modifications to the structure that gave us more open space in the ceilings than we would have had from the original plan, and, when you look at the design and the way the place looks inside, with all of the glass and the angles of the design, etc., it really looks great, and, while I am not that knowledgeable about these kinds of things, I think it may not be the simplest of plans from an architectural standpoint.

But this was not an issue for Stan, in fact he found ways to improve upon the original plan and make it more elegant and efficient in the use of space, etc. We actually got the feeling from the group that they enjoyed working on something a bit different or unique, and they put a lot of thought and know-how into it.

So, if you are considering working with Stanton Homes and you have a somewhat unique, complicated, or tricky design in mind, our experience was that these guys will be more than up to the task; we also had a sense that, even though we were asking to do something a little bit out of the ordinary, they were able to do this for us in a practical way, and without pushing the price of the project way out of our reach, as I think some builders may have an inclination to do, in a case where there are some unusual design elements.

(I don't want to overstate this, our house is not Frank Lloyd Wright or the Guggenheim, but we did feel that Stanton Homes was able to work with and improve upon some of the plan's design elements, while keeping things practical and keeping the costs within reason, so that gave us a sense where we were able to basically get what we want and still afford it, which is sort of the goal of this sort of thing I suppose).

Once the building process got started, we had a great time working with Andrew and Andrea during this period. Andrew was extremely responsive during the entire process, and was great to work with; Andrew and Andrea seemed to have a good way of working together, where Andrea would bring a lot of creativity and good ideas to the process, and Andrew would then take those ideas and try to figure out how to make it work from a practical standpoint.

During this time Andrea made a lot of critical suggestions about the interior design which really made the place work better; in particular I remember her suggestion that we place the kitchen island at a 45 degree angle facing out from the kitchen to the great room, to give a sense of flow from one room to the next.

That turned out to be a great feature, and still works beautifully (also it had the advantage of allowing us to have the island in the size we wanted, while still allowing enough room for passage and for our kitchen table, etc.). So, this is one example of a situation where she and Andrew helped us to find a sort of "win win" solution to a design issue that would come up during the process. Also we felt that we were presented with a large variety of different design options, selections, etc., so we had a lot to choose from, and we felt that Andrea did a great job of getting a "feel" for the kinds of things we liked or what might work for us, as she got to know us a bit better.

I think that, for us, one of the things that is true about building a custom home, is that it takes a fair amount of time, there is a lot of work involved, and there is a bit of a learning curve in trying to understand all of the different parts of the process.

But we're so glad we did it; I think that, in the end, we ended up living in a house that is worlds different than what we might have had if we had bought an existing home or into a subdivision; also the price we ended up paying for what we got was a lot more reasonable than you might think.

At the moment we're very happy to be in the place; we don't have any immediate plans to move or to try to do something like that again, but if we did, we would certainly feel comfortable to work with Stanton Homes again; we felt it was a great experience working with them, and we would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone who might ask.