New Home Buyer Review of Stanton Homes

Brittany B.

Home Plan: The Dinsmore B

Stanton Homes is amazing. Their team is incredible, our home is wonderful - we highly recommend them to everyone who wants a truly custom home. They were helpful right from the start, even before we signed a contract.

Main Floor Master Home

The Builder: We interacted quite a bit with Stan and found him to be tremendously knowledgeable - it was easy to see why he was chosen as one of the top builders in the country. Even before we decided to build with Stanton, we tapped his brain quite a bit to learn about things like energy efficiency (we're thrilled with how effective our spray foam insulation turned out to be) as well as a great many technical aspects about the entire build process. Stan is easy to talk with and even more importantly, he followed up on absolutely everything - we're extremely impressed with what we've witnessed regarding his integrity and commitment.

Our lot: We liked several lots that in retrospect could have been unfortunate choices, and we're grateful to Stan for coming out to walk the lots with us and tell us what to expect. We looked at everything differently through his eyes. Stan really knows his stuff.

Custom Design: We also relied heavily on Stanton's expertise with floor plans. There were several that initially captured our attention, and we were thrilled to discover the tremendous talent of their design team, who did everything from modifying the plan to rearranging the kitchen, completely redesigning the master bath suite, and creating a mother-in-law suite that is just perfect. We absolutely love their custom design process - we got one-on-one time with their incredible designers, who met with us multiple times and we weren't charged a single cent for that expertise. We got to take apart the original floor plan and move everything (OK, not everything - we learned all about load bearing walls and why they can't be moved.) And that's another thing - everybody not only told us what to expect, they also explained how everything works, so we felt informed and comfortable at every single turn.

Selections: The selection process was delightful, with a tremendous amount of choices within our allowances. In addition to our design sessions, we received suggestions for things like trendy lights from specialty shops that were unique and affordable. We really felt like we were treated like million dollar customers by Andrea, and yet our home stayed within the estimate we were given for our initial specs - which was impressively detailed and thorough. The entire design and selection process was intertwined, and it could not have gone better. We were able to take complete control of the process and also have constant support from experts who kept us on track and on budget. Several times we changed our minds about selections (most notably the custom faucets, sinks and shower design) and all of our requests were accommodated. If something we changed was going to impact our delivery dates, we were told about it right away. We really appreciated the updates - and they were very clear about deadlines for us to consider altering things so we knew how long we had to think about our windows, floors, and everything else.

Project Management: Our project manager, Andrew, was awesome. We expected that he would be out in the field or driving around a great deal of the time, so we were impressed with how much and how well he communicated with us, providing answers to all of our questions and even making clever suggestions that could make everything more efficient. We believe that our home is even more beautiful due to Andrew's diligence, and appreciate how effectively he managed every detail. He kept everything moving along, and when there were a few delays such as unexpectedly back-ordered materials, he let us know what was happening and did what he could to work around it with other aspects of the home. We felt informed, and that was important to us.

Friends and Family: Everyone who has walked into our home has told us what they love about it - which is just about everything. Although not everybody agrees with some of our eclectic artistic design choices on the detail work, we feel that this is the ultimate test of a custom home - Stanton Homes built it the way we wanted it, and we are thrilled that our home is OURS and nobody else has one like it.

So far there have been no issues with our home. And we're confident that if anything does pop up, it will be handled. We've grown to trust this group of people over the months we worked with them to build our home, and we'd recommend Stanton Homes to anyone who wants true quality for the price.