Stanton Homes Reviews

Daniel W.

Home Plan: The Christina

The overall construction process went very well. Stanton Homes builds an excellent quality home. We are more than pleased with the outcome of our home (check our floor plan out on their website- it is called “The Christina”).

They offer very competitive prices because we were initially slated to build with Shumachers but changed our minds after we received a very competitive quote from Stanton Homes.

One Story Brick Home Raleigh

Stan (the owner) has put together a group of people that care about the quality of the home they build. I would like to mention that it took us about a year to find land to build but Stanton Homes honored there initial quote even after a year (which is technically only a 60 day quote).

This spoke volumes about their character to ensure that we were building the most affordable home possible. Although cost of building materials had most likely increased, they didn’t try to pass the increase in expense on to us. During the initial design phase we worked with Jim, who is super. Jim was always accommodating to our busy work schedules. He was available day and night to work with us on any concerns about design changes.

We also really enjoyed working with Phil (an up and coming project manager at Stanton Homes that is great to work with) over the last 8 months of construction. As a home owner and someone who has worked in construction, I was heavily involved throughout the entire building process. Some companies might have found it somewhat intrusive during the building process but Phil was more than accommodating to address any concerns or questions I had. I would like to mention that Stanton Homes has a framer (Nick) they use that I would recommend to anyone because he does an excellent work!!!!

I also would like to mention that Andrea, the interior designer, is great with helping you make your home look beautiful- thanks again Andrea for all of your suggestions, especially the dining room color. Darwin and Charles are great to work with as well. They wrap up many of the fine little details just before you move in. We have been in our home for about four months and have not had any problems. For the size of this company, they are one of the best builders out there. I would recommend this company to anyone.