9 Wrap Around Porch Design Ideas | How much does a Raleigh porch cost?

Wrap around porches are one of the most popular exterior elements in today’s new homes in North Carolina. There’s also a huge resurgence in the popularity of modern country farmhouses, which are famous for large, welcoming porches. But wrap-around porches can be used on many styles of new homes. And a custom home builder in NC can add one to most floor plans.

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Here are 9 approaches to a wrap around porch, on custom homes built by Stanton Homes in the Raleigh region:

Wrap Around Porch Design #1 – Double-Decker

The massive porch wraps the back of the Horse Country Estate home on two levels. The first level is concrete and the second level is decking.

Upper Level Backyard Deck

Wrap Around Porch Design #2 – Verandah

The wrap around porch on the Daniel extends across the front and right side of the home, with width deep enough to add plenty of outdoor furniture. This home has a second story deck, too, around back.

Raleigh New Homes | Farmhouse Porch Photos

Wrap Around Porch Design #3 – Custom Designed

The wrap around porch on the Gershwin is accentuated by a beautiful hand-built railing designed as the focal point of curb appeal.


Wrap Around Front Porch

Wrap Around Porch Design #4 – Traditional Porch with Victorian Style

The wrap around porch on this Victorian style home offers new traditions to a classic brick exterior.

Pink Brick Exterior | All Brick Victorian Style Homes

Wrap Around Porch Design #5 – Entertainment

The wrap around porch on the McCoy has almost as much space as the inside of the home. It was designed specifically for spacious outdoor entertainment, for a home that sits in the middle of town. The arts and crafts home also has a garage with covered walkway.

Craftsman Style Home | Wrap Around Porch

Wrap Around Porch Design #6 – Portico

The Cynthia’s Ridge home has a wrap around porch around a turret-style portico. The metal roofing follows around the portico.

Raleigh New Homes | Farmhouse Porch Photos

Wrap Around Porch Design #7 – Craftsman

The Craftsman appeal of the wrap around porch on the Chalet Vert contributes to the popularity of this plan.

Craftsman Home Exterior

Wrap Around Porch Design #8 – Modern Country Farmhouse

The Low Country Farmhouse has a huge porch on two sides of the home, designed for countryside living with wide open “welcome.”

Country Farmhouse | Raleigh Farmhouse Plans

Wrap Around Porch Design #9 – Low Country Farmhouse

This country farmhouse porch wraps around on two sides of the front exterior, for true country style outdoor living.

Wrap Around Front Porches


Can I add a wrap around porch to the new custom home I am building?

Many building sites in the Raleigh region are rich with wooded privacy or vast views, especially in communities or countryside locations where lots are on acreage.

Before choosing your porch plan, take into consideration:

– The amount of space around your new home, which can determine how large the porch can be

– Will trees be in the way and need to be removed?

– Is there enough yard space to accommodate the extra width without encroaching required setbacks?

– Does the porch style match the home style?

– Do you want the porch to have rounded corners or traditional 90 degree angles?

– What type of flooring, hand railing, columns, balusters, or posts are appropriate, given the style of the home?

Modern White Farmhouse New Homes

Can a wrap around porch be created for as short or long as a distance as we would like?

How big your porch is depends on a number of factors.

Wrap-around porches can typically be two, three, or four sided to wrap partially or wholly around the house.

Wrap-around porches can also be broken into multiple sections by adding several access points from alcoves in the home.

However, specific elements of the plan can contribute to the size of your wrap around porch, including:

– What the roofline is doing

– Where windows and doors are located

– The architectural style of your home

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How much does a wrap around porch cost to build?

Expect your wrap around porch to start at around $10K or more, depending on these factors as well as requirements specific to your homesite. Your custom home builder should be able to tell you the precise cost for the wrap around porch that you would like, on the floor plan you have chosen, at your location. New custom home wrap around porch build cost is based on:

– Total square footage of porch space – Type of porch surface (choices include concrete, wood, brick, slate, tile, and more)

– Type of railings

– Type of support pillars (Hand built Craftsman stone columns are the most expensive, basic 4×4 support post are least expensive, with a wide range of options between)

– Type of roof (standing seam metal, rounded, copper, dimensional shingles)

– Height from the ground

Other important considerations as you ponder a wrap around porch:

Add electrical outlets.

Wireless internet must encompass the porch area.

All built-in lighting and ceiling fans should be planned during framing and electrical rough in stages.

Wrap around porches can be one of the most expensive add-ons to a custom home, as you are extending the exterior of the home, which is among the top costs for your new home. Think in terms of tens of thousands when you decide how much porch you’d like, and check with your builder for specific pricing.

Raleigh New Homes | Farmhouse Porch Photos

Benefits, styles, options and costs when building a Raleigh new home with a wrap around porch

– Sunrise view in the morning and sunset view at night

– All day comfort, in your choice of sun or shade

– Social and entertainment space

– Outdoor living space perfect for hammocks, rocking chairs or swings 

Wrap-around porches can be two, three, or four sided to wrap partially or wholly around the house.

Wrap-around porches can also be broken into multiple sections by adding several access points from alcoves in the home.

Two story porches, attached walkways, attached gazebos, and outdoor staircases leading from ground level to the porch or from different porch levels are also build options

Raleigh New Homes | Farmhouse Porch Photos