14 Balcony Ideas | Interior Balcony Guide [with photos] for your new home in Raleigh

Indoor Balcony concepts for custom homes | How to integrate an interior balcony for your new home

What is an interior balcony?

Home plans with indoor balconies have an overlook to the main floor. An indoor balcony provides views and conversations between floors, for a feeling of continuity that is opened up from what would typically be a solid wall in most plans.

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The Cotswold

#1 Interior Balcony – Second story balcony overlooking the great room

This curved balcony overlook spans the great room, adding connection and interest to a Raleigh new home with open floor plan.

Raleigh Custom Homes


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#2 Interior Balcony – Loft and Overlook

In the photo below, the open rails in an upstairs loft and balcony overlook are further emphasized by ebony stained railings that give this custom home a contemporary feel.

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#3 Interior Balcony – Foyer overlook

Foyers can exhibit welcoming appeal with a balcony overhead. In the photo of a custom home below, this two story foyer overlook provides views of stained wood ceiling inside the foyer.

Raleigh Custom Homes

#4 Interior Balcony – Two sided overlook into the foyer and great room

This balcony photo gives the appearance of being suspended over the foyer, with an elevator entrance below. The two story ceiling is a barrel vault.

Barrel Vaulted Foyer

#5 Interior Balcony – Dual sided room length balcony

This interior balcony photo shows how an open overlook can add a feeling of spaciousness to an upstairs hallway. The painted white railing adds classic appeal.

Country Farmhouse Home Plans


#6 Interior Balcony – Dual Stairway

Two separate staircases lead to the balcony in this estate home photo – the elegant curved staircase in the foyer as well as a wide staircase at the rear of the custom home. Designed as the center of attention, this balcony is framed by curved railings. The dark stained railing adds to the flow and high end features of this exquisite new home.


#7 Interior Balcony – Half Wall Balcony

Half-wall balconies as in the custom home photo below provide a totally different look as opposed to the open feel of wrought iron or painted railing. The red brick fireplace and light blue painted island give this a contemporary farmhouse feel.

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#8 Interior Balcony – Foyer Extension

Want a grand entrance in your foyer with an overlook above? You can have an indoor balcony without a two story living room. In the photo below of a custom home with an interior balcony, the only overlook is to the two story foyer. The remainder of the home has one story height to its ceilings, to take advantage of more living space upstairs with a room over the great room.

Two Story Foyer

#9 Interior Balcony – Wrap Around

A wrap-around balcony says “custom home” with extensive overlooks. In the photo below of a custom home with a full wall of windows in the great room, an extra wide hallway gives this balcony even more importance with views not only of the home’s interior, but of everything outside.

Raleigh 4 Bedroom Golf Course Home

#10 Interior Balcony – Catwalk Overlook

In the custom home photo below, a catwalk interior balcony accentuates this open floor plan.

Built In Bookcases

#11 Interior Balcony – Multiple Overlooks

There are two interior balcony areas – one hallway overlook and another in the loft (below the arched opening in this photo). The white painted newel posts add a modern farmhouse look to this interior balcony.


All Brick Two Story Home | Split Staircase

#12 Interior Balcony – Classic Overlook

The photo of this custom home illustrates how much a beautiful stairway and classic overlook can impact the look of a custom home. With a wall of windows to one side and a “wow” formal dining room to the other, this view is stunning.

Great Room Overlook

You’ll want to catch all the views of this living room window wall – including from the second story balcony.

#13 Interior Balcony – Intimate Overlook

A small balcony tucked in next to a staircase can provide a break in long hallways with a peek at what’s happening below.

Modern White Farmhouse New Homes


#14 Interior Balcony – Contemporary Overlook

This Contemporary Overlook Interior Balcony in the photo below stays true to the architectural intent, with clean lines and artistic angles.


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