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What makes new homes more energy efficient?

When building a Stanton Home, energy efficiency comes standard, with cleaner air and lower heating and cooling costs, through Third Party Energy Certification.

Technological and scientific energy advancements are built-in, inspected, and qualified to make your new home more comfortable. Extra measures are taken at every step of your build to earn ecoSelect certification, including rigorous scrutiny by independent certification professionals, including:

  • On-site visual inspections
  • Performance testing, including Blower Doors and HVAC systems
  • Verification of features that address water efficiency, air leakage, and indoor air quality

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What is a HERS Index?

Southern Energy Management and other energy providers providing the third party energy certification use the nationally-recognized HERS Index to indicate the energy efficiency of each new Stanton Home. The HERS score indicates the level of indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and water efficiency – with an average rating of 71 on recently certified new Stanton Homes, compared to a score of 100 on standard new homes – with our standard construction processes. The lower the score, the better, when it comes to the HERS Index.

What is a HERS Score?

How does Stanton Homes achieve its impressive energy efficiency ratings?

Low-e, high performance windows, programmable thermostats for custom heating and cooling periods, high efficiency HVAC systems with tightly sealed ducts, advanced air sealing throughout conditioned spaces, reduced water usage through low-flow WaterSense certified fixtures, and energy efficient lighting fixtures all contribute to the energy efficiency rating of your new Stanton Home.

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Contact the experts at Stanton Homes to learn more about building an energy efficient home with significant heating and cooling savings, air quality comfort, and third party certification. Visit Southern Energy Management to learn more about ecoSelect.